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Partners: Access Toolkit

Hello and welcome to the Philadelphia Accelerator Fund (PAF) Portal.

Thank you for your interest in the financing products that we have to offer. This new nonprofit loan fund was created to overcome capital access challenges and provide flexible financing to support Black and Brown developers, and to build affordable housing.

The fund designed financial products and lending procedures that overcome traditional barriers to entry for Black and Brown developers and projects in under-served communities. PAF primarily underwrites the project, not just the borrower. PAF offers flexible loan products. There is no minimum loan size. Applications will be evaluated based on an impact score as well as a flexible credit evaluation.

What's included

This Portal will provide guidance and a brief description on each of the financial products being offered. You will be required to watch all the videos before starting an application.

There is a brief eligibility questionnaire that you will be asked to complete to determine whether your request satisfies preliminary eligibility and underwriting requirements. One example of these requirements is whether your proposed project contains at least 51% of units being classified as affordable housing.

Depending on your request on whether it’s for a a project that is ready to go versus a project that you only need a preliminary pre approval for to submit an RFP, you will be directed to either a short application or a full application.

Response to your application will be 2 weeks for pre-approval letters and 6 weeks for a full approval. These timeframes are from the time an application is completed and not from time of submission. It is important that you spend enough time to make sure your application is complete along with submitting all the required attachments.

STEP 1 - Getting to Know You: Create a Profile

Please create a profile to access the full portal. Your profile will enable you to sign in to the portal and pick up where you left off each time you visit.

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STEP 2 - Watch Introduction Videos

These 7 short videos will educate you on the financial products being offered by PAF so that you can, as much as possible, be able to identify the product that best fits your needs. If, during the application, you don’t know exactly which product fits your needs the most, you may pick one and our staff will adjust it during the underwriting process. Please check back regularly as we will be adding new videos periodically to be used as a resource.

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STEP 3 - Fill Out Eligibility Questionnaire and Application (if eligible)

This is your intake form. We want to get to know you and hear more about your project. Please fill in all the fields.

Please have the following prepared to upload into the application. The application will take you approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.

It takes a week for us to review the completeness of your application. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us via email only at inquiries@phlfund.com

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STEP 4 - Register for a Meeting or Event

We are committed to taking you through the process. These 45-minute meetings will provide you with the opportunity to ask specific questions and learn of other opportunities that are happening throughout Philadelphia.

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